Michigan is one of the most wooded states in the entire country, which may be the reason that the rules surrounding what you can and can’t do with wood in Michigan, are so strict and abundant. It’s not just wood for fire burning, but in general that can cause a lot of Ecological problems because of invasive species.

Most recently in my home area of Oakland County, there’s an invasive species called the spotted lantern fly that was recently detected, which is why they’ve put a band on taking wood out of this area. But primarily Michigan has a 10-mile rule that you’ve most likely never heard about, but is crucial to the possibility of invasive species causing damage to another area.

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What's Michigan's Wood 10-Mile Rule?

The 10-mile rule in Michigan is that when you buy firewood you’re supposed to burn it ideally within 10 miles of where you bought the wood from. I know some people like the idea of buying wood and traveling with it to a destination but according to don’tmovefirewood.org, Michigan has been very clear about what the rules are especially when it comes to keeping Michigan in Michigan.

It is illegal to bring firewood into Michigan from areas quarantined for Asian longhorned beetle, thousand cankers disease, basalm woolly adelgid, hemlock woolly adelgid, and/or mountain pine beetle – unless it is certified, heat-treated firewood. In many cases, it is also against federal law to move firewood out of Michigan due to a spongy moth infestation in the state.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has been staying active in protecting our forestry, which is why it's illegal to come into the States or go into Canada with outside wood.

This is similar to the recent 50-mile law New York recently passed.

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