As the Morningside neighborhood on the Eastside of Detroit goes through renovations, the area has become more desirable, meaning the housing market in this area is rising as well. This four-bedroom home has a beautiful exterior, amazing interior, and other amenities to make every dollar worth it.

Roland Walker, better known as Roland the Realtor, owns a realtor company in Detroit, Michigan, and is dedicated to helping residents find the home of their dreams within the Metro Detroit area. Let's take a tour of this beautiful home he has available for a family located at 3926 Courville street.

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Roland posted this TikTok showing off the home and many of the features and amenities captured my attention right away. From the exterior to the backyard, to some of the interior design choices, many different features of this home are spectacular.

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Extravagant Exterior

There are a few steps and a decent-sized porch that lead up to the doorway but the view of the uniquely crafted front exterior is unexplainable. There is a mix of brick and vinyl siding used on the rest of the home that is nothing short of PERFECT.

There's a GIGANTIC tree in the backyard which can be used for all kinds of games, swings, and other fun times during the warm months but raking up those leaves will suck come fall. The entire backyard is concrete so a basketball court or even just a lounging area would be easy to set up to accompany the back porch.

Interior Inspection

The home opens to a very small foyer area, but immediately to your left is a spacious living room and the main attraction is the stacked stone fireplace. Moving through the home into the dining room, sunroom, and kitchen I love the concept of the triangle-topped thresholds, I just don't like the open concept.

There is new luxury vinyl tile laid throughout the entire house but the kitchen comes through with white marble counters and white cabinets to literally shine bright, almost making you forget that the pantry is right next door.

The home comes with one full bathroom and one half bathroom, both having their own special features. The half bathroom that's downstairs has a circular touch light mirror that will be perfect for pictures, makeup, and other lighting-sensitive activities. The full bathroom upstairs has a strip of tile in the shower with a special design and a rectangular touch light mirror.

There are four spacious bedrooms upstairs but no clear distinction on if there is a master bedroom and what it looks like. There is a very spacious basement with concrete walls and a blacked-out ceiling that is all ready to go for whatever setup you wanted to install in this space.

If you have $250,000 just laying around, or if you're looking to pack up and find your dream home in Metro Detroit, this just might be the perfect place for you.

$250,000 Home On The Eastside Of Detroit

Exterior and Interior of a beautiful home in the Morningside neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan

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