TikTok viewers just saved these incredible murals from being painted over.

Somewhere in Central Ohio sits a pretty amazing home. It's classy without being flashy on the outside with its cool white pillars surrounding the front entrance. There are no clues to get you ready for what you will see when you open that front door. Please be sure to check out the videos under the photos below.

Ohio Home For Sale with the Most Incredible Mural You'll Ever See

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The video that Sam Cooper Realty uploaded to TikTok just one day ago has been viewed over 3.4 million times already. In that video, Sam gives a brief tour of the main entrance that is simply jaw-dropping. The incredible detail is just mind-melting.

The realtor says, "I've sold thousands of homes in my lifetime but..." and he goes on to say that contractors were there to paint over this incredible art to get the home ready for sale.

People went crazy in the comments after hearing that contractors would paint over this incredibly artistic entrance. Later that day, the realtor created a video response to let everyone know they have decided to NOT re-paint the entrance. Instead, they will offer a paint allowance to buyers in case they want to have the home repainted after they purchase it.

This home isn't listed yet. But as soon as we get the location and price info, we'll update this article. In the meantime, enjoy one more look at this front entrance.

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