Is it ever too early to start planning for Christmas? The City of Plainwell doesn't think so!

Even though we've barely made the transition into fall, the City of Plainwell says they're already looking for this year's Christmas tree for their annual holiday display downtown and they're turning to you for help.

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Got Trees?

In a social media post dated September 27-- just under 90 days away from Christmas Day in case you were wondering-- the official City of Plainwell MI Facebook page shared their plea for help:

I know it's early but, we need a tree! The City is looking for someone to donate a tree to be on display downtown for the Christmas season...Please contact our DPW if you have a large evergreen you are wanting to part with

I don't know why but it seems a bit strange asking the general public if the city can just take one of their trees, but I suppose it's got to come from somewhere! Actually, I bet it's a badge of honor for whichever Plainwell resident is chosen to supply the town's Christmas tree that year.

How to Help:

The City is specifically requesting an evergreen tree which they plan to display downtown in the city center. If you have a full, hardy evergreen tree that you're willing to part with or maybe a nuisance tree that needs to be removed that could still fit the bill, you're asked to please contact the Plainwell Department of Public Works (DPW) at (269) 685-9363. 

City officials add that the DPW crew will take on the responsibility of cutting the tree down and transporting it. The City will do all the work and you will get credit as having the most Christmas spirit in all of Plainwell!

All this Christmas talk reminds me: I should probably start my Christmas shopping soon!

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