To say it's going to be loud in West Michigan this weekend is an understatement!

In addition to the traditional Fourth of July fireworks celebrations that will be on display throughout the area, the annual Field of Flight air show is set to kick off this Thursday in Battle Creek.

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Our friends at the Humane Society of Southwest Michigan have shared tips on how to keep your pets safe and secure this holiday weekend. Even if you think you're well-prepared to keep your fluffy companions comfortable and calm, it doesn't hurt to have a refresher!

Up to Date I.D.

Make sure your pets are not only wearing their identification tags, but make sure the information listed is up to date. Similarly if your pet is microchipped, make sure the information on the chip is current.

It also helps if you take a picture of your pet just to ensure you have a recent photo should you need it.

Secure Their Space

Whether it be the backyard, a safe room, or crate, make sure your pet is enclosed in a space that is not easy to escape from.

Alvan Nee/Roven Images via Unsplash/Canva
Alvan Nee/Roven Images via Unsplash/Canva

Or, Leave Your Pet at Home

If you're headed downtown for fireworks or to a friend's house for a barbeque, it's probably best to leave your furry friend at home. There will be a lot of stimuli from the crowds, fireworks, and sirens, in addition to the Thunderbirds flying overhead from the air show and if your pet gets spooked in public they may get run away and get lost in the crowd.

Conversely, if you are hosting an event at your own home ask your friends and family to help keep an eye out for your pet in the event they try to run off. If needed, put signs up so your guests know which doors to leave closed for you pet's safety.

Check Your Yard

After the celebration, make sure your backyard is free from any hazards or residual fireworks debris-- be it from your household or a neighbor's. Keep your eyes peeled for any fireworks casings, sparklers, and any harmful food scraps that may have gone overlooked.

Take a Crate

Municipal animal control departments are often closed for the Independence Day holiday. In response, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan has offered their "Take a Crate" program in years past.

If any concerned citizens happen to capture a pet that escaped during all the commotion and chaos the SPA is offering free crates, food, and supplies for the animal while it's in your care. More details below:

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