There are plenty of reasons to go into working in the public sector, however, money isn't usually one of them.

Unless you're the head coach of a sports program at a Big Ten school or another major public university, you're probably not "bringing home the bacon", so to speak. So why would anyone choose to work for the public?

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Public Works

For the most part, employees in the public sector earn very modest wages. However, the benefits are where it's at! According to the American Psychological Association jobs in the public sector,

...often have reasonably competitive salaries but very good benefits. You may receive separate vacation and sick days, paid federal holidays, good health insurance and the opportunity to participate in government pension and retirement plans.

Certain professions may also be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness programs if they meet certain criteria, such as having worked in the public sector for at least 10 years and keeping current with payments during that time.

You also get the joy of knowing your work benefits the greater good! Although you may not be rewarded with cash, the personal fulfillment you'll enjoy is priceless-- right?

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Highest Paying Careers

Of those who work in the public sector here in Michigan, the top 5 paying professions are lawyers, executives, engineers, and health care professionals. But who makes up the 5th category?

With not just one but two public Big Ten universities calling Michigan home, I'm sure it's no surprise that athletic coaches are some of the highest-paid public employees in the state.

Just how much do they make? Continue reading below to find out!

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