There are close to 300 stores located throughout Indiana.

With major retailers like Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Rite-Aid declaring bankruptcy and shuttering their doors for good it seems as if no one is safe these days. You know things are bad when all the "dollar" stores, who seem to have stores in every corner of the country, are actually closing stores instead of opening.

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Yes, that's how bad the state of things are right now!  Dollar Tree and Family Dollar just announced plans to close nearly 1,000 stores to offset major loss and recoup revenue. So it's not surprising that the remaining major dollar retailer, Dollar General, is making big changes.

Dollar General Misses Analysts' Expectations On Their Quarterly Earnings
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What to Expect

Look, Dollar General knows what their flaws are-- that's part of why they're making these changes! Every one of us knows 2 things are certain no matter which DG you set foot in:

  1. The store is in disarray
  2. There's usually not an employee in sight

Dollar General is now aiming to change that experience by implementing 2 new store policies you're sure to notice immediately: you'll see more workers on the floor and you'll see stores shy away from self-checkout.

According to CNN,

More than half of Dollar General’s 19,000 stores have self-checkout stations, with that being the only option at some of its locations

With so many self-checkouts this can't be an easy fix, but a change is coming!

Even despite decreasing sales due to theft the company has plans to open 800 new stores in 2024 in addition to remodeling its current stores across the U.S..

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