A group of Kalamazoo Public Schools students was returning from a camping trip at Sherman Lake when their bus got stuck in the snow while trying to turn a corner. Their next moves were caught on tape and provided a laugh for the entire city.

@cheyeweston #stitch with @reclaimpurpose ♬ original sound - Cheye Weston

In the TikTok above you can listen to the bus driver explain how after getting stuck she tells the staff members and students to begin rocking back and forth to help gain traction to get unstuck. Thankfully no one was hurt and everyone made it back to the school safely.

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In the above TikTok, you learn that there were four buses sent to pick the students up from their overnight field trip and three of the four buses were stuck after the lead bus took a wrong turn onto Forbes Street where the disaster occurred. Many residents of Kalamazoo were confused as to why the buses were out because this happened on Friday, which was a snow day for Kalamazoo Public Schools. That's when Facebook comments came to the rescue.

@reclaimpurpose No such thing as a snow day here in Michigan! Gonna have to wait for that bowl of cereal and cartoon’s. #fyp #michigansnow #michigan #kalamazoo #nosnowdayshere ♬ original sound - SJ

The above TikTok shows the students rocking with all their might to help the bus get traction to start moving again and was posted to Facebook. The Facebook comments were informative yet hilarious.

Comments such as "Never a dull moment in a Michigan winter", "only in Kalamazoo", and "pure Michigan" resonate with us all but the funny comments had me ROLLING. Comments such as "Love it!! Yup this is how we rock in the Zoo pun intended", "1-2-3 rock 1-2-3 rock lmbo", and "They need the magic school bus" gave everyone a chuckle.

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