Cats are some of the most relaxed animals on the planet, but still known for their feisty attitudes and protective instincts. Many families have a cat or multiple cats as pets, making memories with them as the days go by. Watching them scratch up couches and carpets, chase after mice and other small animals, and even watch them fight people or other family pets for attention is what the day is filled with.

That's only when the cat wants to be around you anyway because the rest of the time you're either searching for your cat or you've already given up looking because they're in the perfect hiding spot.

Cats are one of the most self-sufficient pets that someone could own, they go to the bathroom on their own, entertain themselves, and eat on their own schedule. You just need to give them attention when they ask, change the litter, and keep the food and water bowls full.

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National Cat Day is Saturday, October 29th, and is a day devoted to our feline friends and is meant to celebrate them and the role they play in our lives. Now, unlike your dog, finding something to do with your cat to celebrate is going to be a much more difficult task. It's going to be almost impossible to get your cat to put on a party hat and sit still for cake, but there are other options.

You can always take your cat outside, whether that's in the confront of your property or somewhere out in public. Now, I'm not telling you to walk into Walmart, Applebee's, Or the movies with your cat, but you can visit a park, nature preserve, or open field to enjoy nature with your furry friend. There's also the idea of finding other cat friends in the area to have a play date with because most cats enjoy playing with others, but are often in single-cat homes.

Lastly, the best advice I have for cat day might be frowned upon but is arguably what your cat wants from you the most. Okay, I lied, you can always get your cat a new scratching post, new toys, or more treats to smooth things over, but the real prize is something that many owners may not want to do on national cat day. Leave your cat alone people, cats thoroughly enjoy their alone time entertaining themselves.

Leave your cat be to roam the house, scratch whatever they please, walk across the counter, drink out of the toilet, and whatever else you don't allow them to do on Saturday. Why? Because it's their day to be celebrated and I promise they want nothing more than to be left alone for the entire day.

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