For some reason, roundabouts are highly divisive in Michigan. My own feelings are, that they help with the flow of traffic. And the few incidents that DO snarl vehicles are no less-frequent than that of any other intersection.

But for some, they just can't stand the sight of them on the roadways. Well, good news for me, bad news for them, Kalamazoo County is about to get another one.

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MLive reporting that a new $1.3 million roundabout project will be built near Kalamazoo Central High School, and convert a four-way stop intersection on North Drake Road and Squires Drive that has often been a point of issue.

Many have asked, if the intersection needs an update, why not put in a stop signal instead, but according to the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County, there are several advantages to having roundabouts instead.

  • Slower speeds
  • Low severity crashes
  • Reduced delay due to yield control
  • One-way entering/exiting
  • Quieter operations
  • Improved Air Quality (less idling vehicles)
  • Less fuel consumption from motorists

The only real drawback, according to RCKC is the initial cost. However, the upkeep of roundabouts over the years is much lower than that of an intersection with signals.

Crews say this approach is especially important given that they're doing it near a school. It will keep road speeds slower, and keep the area safer for students.

Phase "A" begins in 2024, and will close Drake Road at the intersection of H Avenue/Squires Avenue with detours posted.

Phase "B" will reconstruct Squires Drive.

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