Tis the season for warm, hearty meals and nothing is more filling than a traditional Michigan pasty.

It's known as a staple of the Upper Peninsula, but when you’re craving a pasty here in the Kalamazoo area, where can you find one?

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My boyfriend recently admitted to me that he's never had a pasty before. Instead of immediately dumping him I set out on a mission to get my guy a pasty-- fast!

Traditionally used by miners in the Upper Peninsula these often steak and rutabaga-filled delicacies are the perfect handheld meal for the Michigander on the go. The U.P. wins the pasty game hands-down, but for all of us “trolls” who live down here in the Lower Peninsula, how do we satisfy our pasty cravings?

1. U.P. North Sandwich and Pasty Co. – Richland, MI

Up North pasty
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The restaurant used to have a location in my little hometown of Allegan, and we miss them so! Unfortunately the pasty shop scaled down to the Richland-only location in 2017.

U.P. North offers some of the most authentic pasties around as the owners hail from the U.P. itself. They offer a simple selection of either a chicken pasty or the traditional steak and rutabaga pasty. You can even order take-and-bake pasties by the dozen. Find the shop in downtown Richland at 8140 N. 32nd Street.

2. Old Dog Tavern- Kalamazoo, MI

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

Using their Spagnotti family recipe Old Dog offers flaky, buttery pasties with your choice of traditional beef and rutabaga or Indian-spiced fillings. They've also got a pasty featuring a new spin on an old classic: the “Jack Russell” features beef, jalapeno, and green pepper. Check out their menu here.

3. In-Store

George Hubka, with permission
George Hubka, with permission

Don't forget about season craft fairs and the winters farmers market; that's where you'll find plenty of local vendors selling homemade goodies, including pasties! When I was recently at the annual holiday market at Wings I bought a selection of frozen pasties from Grampa's Pasty & Pie Co. but Gramps also offers his wares online too.

I'm sure you'll find similar vendors at Kalamazoo's weekly Winter Market, and don't forget about the freezer section of your local Harding's or Horrock's markets either!

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