A recent post has revealed just how many businesses in the West Michigan area are owned by women. And, I love it.

The post was made in the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village. It simply said,

Looking for small businesses owned by women

In total, there were close to 145 answers with a variety of businesses represented, owned, and operated by women.

Going through the list, I tried to pick out a few that were unique from each other and unique in general. See at least 8 of these women-owned businesses in the West Michigan area below:

Here Are At Least 8 Women Owned Businesses in the West Michigan Area

These businesses vary in what they offer but, they do have one thing in common. They're all owned and run by women.

You can see the full list of women-owned businesses in our area here.

Women really are incredible, aren't they? Maybe I'm biased because I am a woman but, I find myself constantly impressed. Like this woman, a WMU Grad, who went on to do professional stunts:

WMU Grad & Michigan Stunt Woman Sara Holden's Detroit Car Flip

Sara is not only a courageous stunt woman but a wife, mother of two, and an actress as well, as she has appeared in shows like CSI, Castle, Strain 100, Chicago PD, and Halloween. She's also a graduate of Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo Woman's Maternity Shoot At The Root Beer Stand

The shoot started out as a joke kinda like "wouldn't it be funny if we did a maternity session here at The Root Beer Stand?" Then the more I thought about it I was like okay we are going to make this happen. 

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