Colloquialism. That's just a fancy word for saying that people have different ways of talking based on the region they're from. Or, an even simpler term... slang.

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For example, what do you call that sweet, carbonated beverage served cold from the fountain, or bottle or can?

Michigan Slang Terms

If you're a Michigander, you probably call it pop. But just about everywhere else, they call it soda (and they'd be wrong, of course).

And it doesn't stop there. How about the fact that we speak so quickly and run our words together that the phrase, "Did you eat?" turns into, "Jeet?"

Michigan is pretty split between the terms firefly and lightning bug.

This got my wheels turning...

What do Michiganders call it when you put meats, veggies, and condiments on a long bread roll?

Do Michigander Call it a Submarine, Hoagie, Hero, or Grinder?

This thing. What do you call this thing? A submarine (sub), hoagie, hero, or a grinder?


When looking up what else this "sandwich" might be called, I also learned that some people might even refer to this as a Spukie, which is a term that derives from the Italian word spuccadella, meaning long roll. However, that slang is typically only used in the Boston area.

What Do Michiganders Call a Long Roll Sandwich?

There are some instances where Michiganders use the term hoagie or grinder. The consensus seems to be that hoagies and grinders are typically hot or toasted. Submarines, or subs, seem to be served cold or all of the above. Some people say it all depends on how it's listed on the menu.

But at the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, Michiganders agree that we call it a submarine/sub.

And if all this sub/hoagie/grinder/general sandwich talk has you hungry, check out where you can find the best sandwiches in Lansing, HERE.

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