Once Seattle won, Detroit knew its season was done after the Sunday Night matchup against the Packers. But the team that started the season 1-6 had finally made it to Prime Time. This was their Super Bowl, and there was plenty to play for.

Sunday Night's game put all of the Lions' players in the spotlight (like they should have been for most of the season), most notably running back Jamaal Williams - or as we came to know him Sunday Night... "Swag Kazekage." Wait, what?

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Williams has been a strong leader in the locker room since the beginning of the season. During their pre-season time on Hard Knocks, he delivered one of the most impassioned speeches we've ever heard on the show - his voice cracking with emotion as he proved how much he wanted his team to succeed.

But what's got people buzzing the day AFTER their season finale in Lambeau isn't Williams' achievements, or his locker room speeches. It's what he said during introductions at the beginning of Sunday Night Football.

"Swag Kazekage, Leader of the Hidden Village of the Den."


@tsnJamaal Williams is one of a kind 😂♬ original sound - TSN

That look though, at the end... LOVE it!

No doubt, you've noticed Williams' attire throughout the season, and some of his odd characteristics. Which, if you know Williams, and know what he's into, aren't really that odd.

Williams goes by "@JSwaggDaddy" on social media, so that's where the "Swag" comes from, but the "Kazekage" part is actually a reference to a group of characters in the Anime series "Naruto." and the Hidden Village of the Den is apparently where "Swag" is the leader of the Kazekage people.

Williams hasn't been shy about his passions in anime and card games. He is often seen wearing a headband with a metal plate on the front, similar to one worn by the main character in the "Naruto" series.

Williams also is SERIOUS about his Pokemon.

Williams is in his second season with the Lions and was expected to be a solid backup to D'Andre Swift for most of the year.

But Swift had some injury setbacks that put Williams firmly in the spotlight, and he delivered in epic fashion. He is the first Lion to rush for over 1,000 yards in a season since Reggie Bush in 2013, and he broke the season rushing touchdown record for the Lions set by Barry Sanders, getting his 16th touchdown of the year in the 3rd quarter.

He becomes a free agent after this season, and HOPEFULLY, the Lions do the right thing, and re-sign him.

Williams was heavily featured on the HBO Series "Hard Knocks" during the preseason. It's funny how, at the beginning of the season, we still had so many questions, and concerns, AND how many of those the Lions addressed as the season wore on.

Read about the missed storylines in Hard Knocks below, and see how many came to fruition during the season.

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