Vinyl enthusiasts and Jane's Addiction lovers rejoice! There's a new box set en route from Rhino this fall that will include some of Jane's Addiction's best works in the vinyl format. The box set, titled Sterling Spoon, will arrive on Oct. 21.

This epic, six-LP collection includes the Nothing's Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual albums, along with the vinyl debuts of their 1990 Live From the Palladium concert recording, a selection of rarities and demos and live takes from the 1997 Kettle Whistle compilation.

The band has had a hand in the box set's creative direction, selecting Ernesto Yerena to produce the striking box set cover art. The box set is limited to a run of 5,000 and you can look for Sterling Spoon arriving on Oct. 21 for a list price of $99.98.

Jane's Addiction have been taking part in the "Sterling Spoon" tour, revisiting the Ritual de lo Habitual album and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Lollapalooza. A handful of shows remain on their tour schedule, with stops at the Denver Riot Fest (Sept. 2), The Masonic in San Francisco (Sept. 21), Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, Calif. (Sept. 23) and the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas (Sept. 24) on the horizon.

Check out the full track listing for the Sterling Spoon six-LP box set below.

Jane's Addiction, Sterling Spoon Box Set Track Listing

Nothing's Shocking
Side One
1. "Up the Beach
2. "Ocean Size"
3. "Had a Dad"
4. "Ted, Just Admit It ..."
5. "Standing in the Shower ... Thinking"

Side Two
1. "Summertime Rolls"
2. "Mountain Song"
3. "Idiots Rule"
4. "Jane Says"
5. "Thank You Boys"

Ritual de lo Habitual
Side One
1. "Stop"
2. "No One's Leaving"
3. "Ain't No Right

Side Two
1. "Obvious"
2. "Been Caught Stealing"

Side Three
1. "Three Days"
2. "Then She Did"

Side Four
1. "Of Course"
2. "Classic Girl"

Kettle Whistle Extraction
Side One
1. "Kettle Whistle"
2. "Ocean Size" (Demo)
3. "My Cat's Name Is Maceo" (Demo)

Side Two
1. "Had a Dad" (Outtake)
2. "So What!"
3. "Mountain Song" (Demo)
4. "Been Caught Stealing" (Outtake)
5. "City" (Soul Kiss 88)

Live at the Hollywood Palladium 1990
Side One
1. "Drum Intro"
2. "Up the Beach"
3. "Whores"
4. "1%"
5. "No One's Leaving"

Side Two
1. "Ain't No Right"
2. "Then She Did"
3. "Had a Dad"

Side Three
1. "Been Caught Stealing"
2. "Three Days"

Side Four
1. "Mountain Song"
2. "Stop!"
3. "Summertime Rolls"
4. "Ocean Side"

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