Johnny Gargano has had an amazing career up until this point and he's only continuing to grow in World Wrestling Entertainment. This past Sunday he teamed up with Kevin Owens to go two-on-two with the Alpha Academy, who they defeated. But Johnny Gargano's career began when he was just 16 when in 2003, he began training at the Cleveland All-Pro Training Center under the guidance of J.T. Lightning and Josh Prohibition.

Since then he's climbed the ladder of personal success and was a stand-out in NXT where his feud with Tomasso Champa is one of the greatest in NXT history. Johnny has battled injury and comes back stronger than ever each time. He is also decorated as the first-ever Triple Crown Champion in NXT as well, and now he's got his sights set on accomplishing some personal dreams, as he told us later last week:

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When I came back I said that I had my sights set on a lot of things I didn't have a chance to do yet. When I was younger I dreamed of being Intercontinental Champion, I dreamed of being United States Champion, I dreamed of being Tag Champion, WWE Champion, I dreamed of wrestling at Wrestlemania. Whereas I've been in WWE for 6 years, I haven't had a chance to do that stuff yet, so that was always in the back of my mind when I was off. I couldn't retire and not feel I didn't give this a real shot.

Recently the Rocker Morning Show got to speak with him ahead of his appearance at the Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo on December 11th for the WWE Raw Holiday Live Tour.

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