Normally spine-tingling tales of ghostly hauntings will always revolve around an entire house being haunted.  The sound of footsteps in vacant hallways and furniture mysteriously being rearranged in a creepy study is normally the lore reported. That’s just not the case in my home.  No rattling chains coming from the basement, no reports of lighted orbs floating in unoccupied rooms and no disembodied moans or groans have ever been emitted after dark, unless of course you count the moans you hear when I drop a dad joke. But I digress.

The home I live in is old, built in 1941 its architecture for 2020 is often confusing.  The haunted closet is a great example.  The area appears to be an attempt at some sort of attic or storage space but for me, it was built for a scene straight out of The Exorcist. Its darkened cobweb filled wood rafters filled with items straight out of 1941 are enough to give you the creeps but add in the fact that the latched door continues to be found open is down-right chilling.  Yes, I said the latched door to creepville is continually found open. I close the latch on the shut door only to return an hour later to find the door wide open displaying its creepy old items including a white wicker storage chest and a wood ironing board. This happens day in and day out.

I thought about blocking the door with some furniture but why tempt fate. Guess I should just be thankful my supernatural house guest is just annoying and not staining my walls with blood or projectile vomiting on my favorite rock t-shirt.  I am open to suggestions on how handle the situation.  Do I continue to let Casper open the door and roam the house or should I put a stop to the nonsense with a door wedge or stick lean-to under the latch?

Would appreciate any input or direction you could give me on how to handle this and please feel free to share any similar supernatural experiences you may have had.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shut the door again.

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