There are some world records that I just don't understand; World's Longest Ear Hair, World's Longest Fingernails, World's Most Attractive Cutaneous Horn... I mean, you can't really take too much credit for accidentally growing a horn. So when someone is attempting to break a world record based on talent, they've got my attention.


Meet Gurmej Singh, or "Artist SinGh," as is his professional name. He's a Kalamazoo artist attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest oil painting. “The Star of Bethlehem” is measures roughly 1703 square feet, requiring 27 gallons of paint on a single piece of canvas.

What does Singh plan to do with the painting after it's Guinness approved?  Sell it.  Why not?  He already holds several world records, including World's Longest Painting (which is absolutely bananas to see), and he's not planning taking it easy on accolades any time soon, with plans to break the record for largest paper sculpture. Go for it, Singh! Make Kalamazoo proud!


"The Star of Bethlehem" is on display in a specially designed tent at Singh's studio at 4120 S. Burdick St. Kalamazoo.

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