We’ve asked the public many times what kind of business they would like to see come to the Kalamazoo area. A lot of times we get the same old answer, which usually has something to do with food in the way of a nationally known restaurant that hasn’t made its way to Michigan yet, or some kind of fast food place. Probably the most requested that I’ve seen is Buc-ees', which from what I hear is the place of dreams.

But we have to be realistic and except we most likely will never get one of those. But there is one kind of business that has alluded Kalamazoo for a long time, and I think we not only have the area to make it happen, but would be something to draw people back into the city.

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Kalamazoo desperately needs a drive-in movie theater. One of the main reasons is that at the beginning of the pandemic, you saw the popularity of drive-in, movie theaters, sick make a strong return. The closest drive-in theater from Kalamazoo is all the way in Coldwater or up in Muskegon.

That’s a hell of a drive, especially for a double feature that doesn’t start until the sun goes down. That plot of land before you get into downtown Kalamazoo is large enough where you could post at least one screen for double features of all-time classic films. WILL we ever get one though? It’s doubtful, but I still hold out hope. Would you like to see one come to the area?

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