Back on October 16th, Ronald "Ronnie" Johnson lost his battle with bone cancer. It was his birthday, of all days. This lifelong Kalamazoo resident left behind a wife, five children, and many grandchildren he was helping to raise. The family was struggling before Ronnie's passing, and now, the deceased is resting at Whitley Funeral Home unburied, because the family cannot afford to inter him. Of course the family is devastated, this cost feeling like salt in the wound after watching someone they loved so much fight so hard. The family does not have a GoFundMe site, as of yet, but if you are feeling generous, and would like to help the family of Ronnie Johnson lay him to rest, please send any donations to the Whitley Funeral Home, care of Ronnie's widow, Gloria Jean Johnson. If everyone gives a little, we'll have a lot.

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