Everybody is talking about the "new normal".  And now many people are talking about the "new norml".  No, I didn't misspell a word.  NORML is an acronym for the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws.  Just about every guy I knew in the 70s had a NORML t-shirt.

It has taken this long to get to the new norml but we weren't all the way there until Kalamazoo finally came along.  Recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan in November of 2018 but it wasn't until the Kalamazoo City Commission finally let the light turn green on progress.

I have to admit that with the Coronavirus Pandemic I, along with so many others, forgot about this particular issue.  Understandably, we've been focused on other things, ya know, like the world coming to a grinding halt.  So maybe this is the perfect time as Kalamazoo starts to open back up to light one up.

Personally, I don't indulge anymore but catching a buzz may just be the remedy to pull oneself out of the funk from lock down; unless, of course, it was part of your lock down.  Kalamazoo has brought itself in line with most of the other communities around it and that good feeling just might translate into helping the economic recovery.

In an article on mlive.com, the city of Kalamazoo has finally installed the new rules that many have been waiting for.  Marijuana businesses like growers, retailers, processors and others can now conduct actual business.  One of the "others", by the way, are "consumption Lounges".  That's right, weed bars where people can gather..............wait.............Hear that?  It was a massive groan from the cannabis community.  Everything is finally in place and we can't get together in a pot lounge to do one of the most social of activities.  Get high.  Well, at least we're in business.

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