Most of Michigan really needed this weekends rain but Kalamazoo already got a big dose of rain last weekend and this weekends rain could cause flooding.

I have noticed my grass being August brown as of late and we are still just a few days away from July. The little bit of rain that I have go in the past week and been turning my grass to green with much less brown and by Tuesday I hope to have a green lawn again until the late July and early August browning.

Things might be getting better where I live, but that is way north of Kalamazoo where unfortunately the heavy rains that are expected this weekend could become a real problem for area rivers and streams.

According to WOOD, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety warns of possible flooding near the Kalamazoo River and Portage and Axtel creeks this weekend. They are expecting anywhere from 2 to five inches of rain that will be hitting lower Michigan this weekend and early into next week.

This kind of water building up can cause problems to properties and roads that are near these rivers and creeks.

With this kind of rain there are problems of hydro plaining for drivers not to mention possible road closings in places like Dutton Street, Jasper, Rose or anywhere near the Crosstown Ponds.

If you happen to be cruising along this weekend and see any road closure signs or barricades, do not attempt to drive around them and do not at any cost move a barricade. In any situation, if you are driving and you see water covering a road, do not attempt to cross it, it is imperative that you turn around and find another way. The last thing you want to do is find out the water is deeper than you think. That could become a very expensive and embarrassing mistake.

While our lawns and farmers sure could use the rain, be careful if you are on the roads in and around Kalamazoo this weekend, any excessive rain could be hazardous.

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