Load a Spud raises the bar on baked potatoes with a new Kalamazoo restaurant near campus. 

What comes to mind when you think of the corner of West Michigan and Howard Streets in Kalamazoo, tells a lot about how old you are. Do you have college binge-drinking partial memories of partying at Electric Avenue back in the day? Maybe that building was your go-to for movie night on the weekend, when you hoped Video Hits still had a copy of The Big Chill on VHS you could bring home. If you are a little older, you remember seeing new movies on the big screen at Campus Theater; Doris Day's film Do Not Disturb opened the auditorium in 1966.A fitness center and coffee shop have occupied that same address and today's students at Western Michigan University have only ever known it as a CVS, since the original building was torn down in 2016. Today, we still have a strip mall that carries the heritage in the name Campus Pointe Mall.

A new tenant has opened a brand new restaurant with a new concept in dining: a baked potato bar. Load a Spud boasts 20+ signature potatoes to choose from, in all kinds of flavors like Taco Potato, Surf & Turf, Gyro Potato, Sloppy Joe Potato and other interesting combinations. Can't decide? Customize your own and get exactly what you want. We can't wait to try it.

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For those of you who’s been having trouble finding us, we are located right under the USA Nails sign, between Subway and East Egg. Thank you all for you support!!

Posted by Load A Spud Potato Bar Kzoo on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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