Every year 4/20 becomes a bigger and bigger holiday but not as big as it probably should be.  It's obvious why not.  There's still quite a stigma surrounding marijuana with it being illegal on the federal level despite being medically legal in almost every state and fully legal in a handful of others.  Still, you'd think business would embrace it more with so many possible tie-ins to food, clothing, lifestyle, etc.

Well one company seems to be taking advantage; McDonald's.  They are offering free fries today but there's a catch; actually 3.  You can get a free order of medium fries, which surely won't be enough, with the purchase of at least $1.  But first you have to download the McDonald's app, order through it and pay for your order with Apple Pay.  This begs the question: will stoners be able to complete this process let alone remember it?  And by the way, this technically isn't a 4/20 promotion.  McDonald's has been running this every Friday this month but rally hasn't been promoting it that much.  Party On!!!

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