Was this something that I missed?  Maybe I did.  There is certainly a lot of information flying around that we are all trying to absorb.  The one general issue that we can understand is trying to limit the number of people that enter places of business in order to minimize the possible spread of the coronavirus.

There are several other factors that come into play.  Are the children in any way violating the actual order by the State Of Michigan or even the "spirit' of the order?  In other words, are they not social distancing or not wearing masks?  Under normal circumstances, young children tend to be hard to keep in line and this is a crucial time to do so.

Here is the actual online posting which mirrors the in-store signage:

We are no longer able to allow children under the age of 16 or pets* in our stores. If you look under the age of 16, you will be asked to show your identification (driver's license). We encourage our Guests with children to take advantage of our Buy Online - Pick Up at Store program.

It seems several people have been put off by this and one woman featured in an article on wlns.com felt like she and her children were being discriminated against.  I'm no lawyer but I can understand her other position that she's a single mom and it's hard not to take your kids with you when you shop.

As far as Menards is concerned, they have every right to install these provisions and do offer online purchase, pick up or delivery.  I, in fact, ordered shutters online and picked them up but I don't have children under 16.  The question then is: Do retailers have to make every accommodation or can they set up perimeters that they feel would best serve all customers?

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