Psychologist today are still not sure if psychopathy is an inherited trait or a result of a traumatic upbringing that is instilled inside of serial killers. What we do know is that a majority of serial killers carry some degree of psychopathy and more so than not, harbor no regrets for their actions or empathy toward their victims.  Pretty scary thought when it comes to studying the thoughts and reasoning behind a serial killers behavior. If you think serial killers are a product of big cities like New York City or London, think again. Michigan (and particularly SW Michigan) have been home and the hunting grounds for some of these blood thirsty killers.

Twin Killers:

Kalamazoo, Michigan produced the only two serial killers from the same family who committed crimes at separate times.  Twin brothers Larry and Danny Ranes both committed serial killings but on a different timeline. Over a six month period in 1962, Larry robbed and killed 5 people. Danny Ranes was convicted of four murders in  the spring and Summer of 1972.

Uber Killings:

45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton driving an Uber on the night of February 20, 2016 randomly shot and killed six people and wounded two others in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The incident was totally baffling as Dalton would continue to pick up customers and drop them off without incident or harm during his crime spree. Why he randomly selected as victims a father and son at a car dealership (and hours later) a group of people at a Cracker Barrel and no one else that he had Uber'd around that evening, still remains a mystery.

Joy Ride Killer:

Richard Clarey made his way to Kalamazoo via a troubled childhood in Oregon. He spent five years in Kalamazoo before desiring a change. He killed Robert Baranski for his car, dumping the body in lake Michigan and heading south. He then was approached by two tourists at a rest stop in New Buffalo shooting both of them, killing them instantly. He was found later that day hiding in a garage in La Porte, Indiana.

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