A local writer shares her personal experiences as an abuse survivor on TikTok and Youtube to help others.  Warning: the videos in this article may contain curse words or triggering subject matter.

Grace, a Kalamazoo writer, speaker, and activist can be found on TikTok @outheretrynasurvive.  Grace has built a following of 17.8 thousand followers and nearly 162 thousand total video likes on the popular social media app.  Here's how Grace describes her TikTok videos,

My TikTok is narcissistic abuse awareness focusing on trauma bonds, complex PTSD & inner child healing.

In Grace's most viewed video she talks about the red flags in a previous relationship that popped up on her wedding day.  This video has been viewed 365.3 thousand times with 23 thousand likes.

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World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day is June 1st of every year.  That day is meant to educate and support positive change, which is exactly what Grace is doing in her videos like her second most viewed TikTok.  This video has been viewed 141.1 thousand times.

All relationships have their ups and downs.  But that rollercoaster is harder to handle when you're in a relationship with a narcissist.  In the video below, Grace talks about the moment she thought her now ex-husband was really making a change and putting their relationship first, only to be shattered by his rage.


If you or someone you know is seeking help for past or current narcissistic abuse click here.

Grace's three favorite TikTok creators are part of the #Narctok community.

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