The city of Kalamazoo is considering a proposal to delay allowing recreational marijuana businesses so officials have more time to establish a licensing process.

At their Monday meeting, city commissioners discussed an ordinance that would move the opt-in date for Kalamazoo back to June 1, 2020. City Attorney Clyde Robinson says the time is needed to address regulations.

If the city eventually allows recreational marijuana businesses, it would be allowed to charge no more than $5,000 in licensing with the state collecting a 10% tax. The city attorney says the state is already planning a social equity component that makes licensing more affordable for people who otherwise would not be able to start a business.

Mayor Bobby Hopewell said working out the city’s rules for recreational marijuana licensing will take time. Commissioners are expected to vote on the ordinance by the last meeting in October. They have to make a decision by November 1, otherwise the city will be automatically opted in.

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