The Kalamazoo River has always been the center of a lot of controversial topics, from all the spill that took place years ago, to the overall cleanliness and condition of the water. There have been many efforts throughout the years to try and clean this staple of our city and now more than ever it seems that the city of Kalamazoo and The Kalamazoo River Alliance are putting their foot down, urging the community to do their part.

The Kalamazoo River has been absolutely trashed lately and they took to Facebook to express their unpleasantness with this situation and are putting the blame on everyone:
Residents of Kalamazoo, every last one of us should be ashamed right now. This isn't just a homeless problem. This isn't just a decade(s) of poor river management. This is a KALAMAZOO problem. This is YOUR river and you should be PROUD of your river! The Kalamazoo River Alliance's 1st annual river clean up will be June 5th, 10am - 1pm at Verburg Park in Kalamazoo.
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Their website makes no bones about the seriousness of the issue, urging people to bring what they can to solve this issue:
Bring your boats, kayaks, boots, waders, gloves, nets, magnets... Bring whatever you've got and help spread the word because we're cleaning this damn river up
This effort is just one in a long line of issues the downtown area has face not only since the pandemic began, but issues that are long overdue to be handled. Lets hope this effort is not in vein, and a new change can begin with this effort.

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