Fast Fridays are back as Kalamazoo Speedway kicks off the 2019 season. Fans sound off before the drop of the green flag on what to expect.

Since 1950, crowds have been gathering at Kalamazoo Speedway April through  September to watch drivers go fast and turn left. Rumors cropped up in March that the track was for sale, but they turned out to be untrue. So, the excitement begins for the 2019 season on Friday, April 26 at the fastest paved 3/8 mile track in the world.

They asked fans on their Facebook page, "What one thing are you looking forward to the most?" Here's what they said:

"I Can't Wait For..."

  1. the roar of the engines
  2. the smell of race gas and hot rubber
  3. "seeing my racing family"
  4. getting to know new racers
  5. the food
  6. visiting for the first time
  7. 50/50 drawings

"Why Can't We..."

  1. go back to Saturday nights
  2. get rid of the parking lot traffic jam at the end of the night

The Kalamazoo Speedway schedule changed from Saturdays to Friday night racing in 2016 and, as you can see, not everyone is satisfied. As for the traffic; well, fans will stay all the way until the checkered flag when the racing is that good. Here's to a safe and exciting season at Kalamazoo Speedway!

Bonus Video: The Mayhem of Trailer Races at Kalamazoo Speedway

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