Remember the good old days when Summer vacation was a time to spend all of your time outside getting a lot of exercise without even trying?  Ya, those days are long gone for a couple reasons.  When I was a teenager you got up in the morning and took off and came back home for dinner.  Now you can't let your kids out of your sight for fear something will happen to them.  Also, I know it's cliche, teenagers are on the couch or in their room on their phones or playing video games.  So how can we get them some exercise?

I found out in an article on, that Planet Fitness is offering free workouts to teenagers this Summer.  In fact, teens can get a free membership all Summer long.  The age range is 15-18 and just may work to get the kids out and active.  As much as people our age don't like to workout, there seems to be an attraction again for that age group to go to the gym.  And it's FREE!!!  For more information click HERE.


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