I love records. A lot. One might argue that I'm a regular vinyl vulture. And as a record junkie, I need a place to get my fix. Sure, the internet is great, but you can't BS about records with someone on the internet like you can at your local record shop. My local record shop is Green Light Music and Video in Kalamazoo.

Formally CD Warehouse, Green Light Music is owned by Kalamazoo's hairiest man, Abe Savas, and managed by southwest Michigan's most devout '70s KISS fan (and my rock n' roll partner in crime), Chris Haner. These two have managed to bring back the spirit of old school record shops, where people come to hang out, and listen to and talk about records.

Lordi is my favorite band!

Don't compare Green Light to the store in High Fidelity, because the staff aren't stuck up and pretentious and won't look down at you if you don't own an expensive turntable.  Instead, they're committed to getting you the right equipment to fit your budget.

If you're a record spinning veteran, Green Light has a great selection of new and used vinyl, as well as CDs, cassettes, DVDs and blu-rays. Don't see something on the shelf?  They'll order it. And if you're new to vinyl, the staff will set you up with everything you'll need to start your collection, and at great prices too.

We live in an age where you can buy anything on the internet. The one thing you can't get on the internet, is a friendly staff that actually wants to spend time with you and talk about music. Next time you're there, ask Chris about the time he went to Ace Frehley's sister's house (or my personal favorite, the time he partied with Sleep).

Green Light Music and Video is located on the corner of Drake and KL Ave in Kalamazoo.

I love Green Light Music and Video so much that I haven't even explored any other record stores. Do you have a favorite local record shop? Let me know in the comments!