Model Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers (Update: World Series champion Houston Astros) pitcher Justin Verlander recently (Update: recent in May 2016 when this was first written) announced their engagement.

Since Kate is a native of St. Joseph, Michigan there's a chance the wedding could be held in the Upton family's hometown of St Joe. Here are 5 possible locations Kate and Justin could consider for their wedding and reception.

  • 1

    Berrien County Courthouse

    From all reports, Upton and Verlander had been engaged for a while before it was made public. So who's to say the couple isn't already married. A quick stop at the Berrien County Courthouse in St Joe would do the trick.

    Odds: 12-1

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    Heritage Center

    The Heritage Center on Main Street in St Joe would likely be the most traditional, and swanky, wedding setting in the city. This would be the choice for Big Money in St Joe.

    Odds: Even Money

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  • 3

    American Legion Post 105

    A classic middle-America American Legion reception hall, this would be a nice nod to the Upton family's business Whirlpool. American Legion Post 105 is just a stone's throw from the World Headquarters north of Benton Harbor.

    Some of the workers who have toiled for the family for years could easily attend the reception for a favorite daughter.

    Odds 30-1

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    Upton Family Compound on Ridgeway

    There's Big Money in St Joe. There's Old Money in St Joe. And then there's Ridgeway Big, Old Money. Ridgeway is a narrow one-lane, brick-paved lane fronting Lake Michigan and about as out-of-reach as it gets for you and me. The Uptons have their family home there. Private, secluded and on the lake. It's a good bet.

    Odds: 6-4

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    Shadowland Pavilion at Sliver Beach

    Shadowland Pavilion at Silver Beach is about as cliche as weddings get in St Joe. The pavilion is on a dead-end of land near where the St Joseph River meets Lake Michigan. That might be a natural barrier to keep paparazzi away, but probably not.

    Odds: 4-1

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