The 1974 Cadillac High School Football team went from dead last to number 1 when KISS came to Cadillac. Kiss performed at the 1975 Cadillac homecoming game and was even given the key to the city.

The monument reads in part,

In 1974, Head Coach Dave Brines and Assistant Coach Jim Neff, decided to play the music of KISS before football games to energize the team. With KISS as its inspiration, the team had a seven game winning streak and captured the conference co-championship.

Neff stayed in contact with KISS and the result was KISS coming to CHS.

The songs on the setlist for the 1975 Homecoming in Cadillac seem to be a bit limited.

KISS Setlist Cadillac High School Gym, Cadillac, MI, USA 1975, Alive!

The monument was unveiled October 10th 2015, commemorating the 40th anniversary of KISS' visit to Cadillac. You can see this monument located near the Football field on Chestnut Street in Cadillac. The following video was made by the Cadillac Schools to document the event.

There is even a site Where you can take a virtual tour with Coach Neff, of all the places Kiss visited when they came to town.

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