For those of us who grew up with the Beatles from start to finish, there's a certain amount of surprise; even disbelief that the Fab 4 remain so popular.  Sure we believe they're the greatest rock and roll band of all time but so many years later through so many generations it would have seemed improbable that they'd have so much staying power.  the albums continue to sell and Paul & Ringo are still touring.

It should come as no surprise, then, that other peripheral entities continue to crop up both in tribute and in commerce.  A while back I told you about the Strawberry Fields restaurant North of Detroit.  Now, come to find out, there's a Beatles coffee shop in the Bay City area.  According to our friends at, it's called Beatles and Beans inviting us to experience Bean-A-Mania and just Let It Bean.  Ever inch is covered in pictures, posters and assorted memora-been-ia.  Check out a bunch of other cool stuff about it by clicking HERE.


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