Founder’s recently commissioned a study to determine the difference between lager drinkers (lighter and less hoppy) and ale drinkers (bitter with fuller, heavier bodies) and it turns out that there are some big differences.

Lager - Lager drinkers have more extroverted personalities who prefer to go out with friends on a Saturday night and they enjoy meeting new people.  They also were found to have higher stress levels and worry about the future more than ale drinkers. Their higher stress levels could be because lager drinkers put a strong emphasis on hard work and showing up on time, whereas ale drinkers do not.  But, lager drinkers on average make less than an ale drinker. Lager drinkers also prefer dogs to cats and enjoy action, thriller, and adventure movies.

Ale - Ale drinkers are bigger flirts than lager drinkers and if they do go out, they like to be the life of the party.  However, they much prefer staying home and watching TV or reading a book on Saturday night. On average, ale drinkers make more money than lager drinkers and they feel like they are leading a happy and fulfilling life.  In terms of pets, ale drinkers prefer cats to dogs. Ale drinkers also prefer romantic, animated or documentaries when it comes to TV and movies.

So, what do you think?  Does this study seem accurate to your preference?  You can read more about the study at

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