Lake Superior is already the largest freshwater lake in the world, and it's getting even more water.

MLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa shared a story on the great lake approaching a record high water level. The lake is less than three inches away from the highest amount of water ever recorded in the lake, 603 feet of water in 1950.

Torregrossa explains,

In July 2017 the Lake Superior average was 602.85 feet. This number doesn't represent a water depth. It is a height measurement that is used to compare to water levels in other months and other years. It would be similar to if you put some markings on the side of your bathtub.

One inch of water on Lake Superior is equal to 550 billion gallons of water. Looking at it that way, Lake Superior still needed 1.5 trillion extra gallons of water to break the record water level.

Of course there are some schools of thought that say Lakes Michigan and Huron are one giant lake - larger in size than Superior. But either way, our Great Lakes keep getting greater.

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