"There once was a man from Kzoo,
Who was known to down quite a few,
He was not neat and plump
And quite honestly, a chump,
For he'd drink nothing but his hometown brew" - Larry Bell


(Bell's Brewery via YouTube)

Bell's Brewery has announced the retirement of its founder, Larry Bell, with a celebratory farewell video posted this week.

The fun video begins with Bell himself reciting a self-deprecating limerick, and then shows some of the history of the past 38 years, with what began as Kalamazoo Brewing Supply Company in 1983, then became Kalamazoo Brewing Company in 1985, and the addition of the Eccentric Cafe in 1993.

And in fact, the video is a celebration of one of the signature events at Bell's, Eccentric Day. In the video friend and well-wishers offer up thanks and congratulations to the man who made Kalamazoo a major player in the craft beer world,, but also in the beer industry in general.

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One well-wisher, a professor at Kalamazoo College mentions Bell's time at K-College, while others jokingly celebrate the holidays dedicated to "day drinking for old people". But on a more serious note, Bell's has supported the uniqueness of individuals not just with fun events like Eccentric Day, but also its supports of Pride Day and the events related to that.

Bell, who in November announced the sale of his eponymous brewery to Australian brewer Lion, which also owns New Belgium Brewing, retired at the end of 2021.

Three-eight years went by with a blink of an eye. Cheers.

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