My wife and I were on our vacation and at the last minute decided to check out the Packers and Titans preseason game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

I have only been to one NFL game and that was a Lions game at the Silverdome.   We found some inexpensive tickets for the first preseason game at Lambeau for the Packers.  You would think with it being preseason that there would be some empty seats, nope.

This place is always packed and it was for this preseason game.   Aaron Rodgers didn't play but got the biggest cheer of the night when they showed him on the video screens at the end of the game.

The game is what you would expect for a preseason game many backups playing for a job.   There were a few familiar players including Marcus Mariota for the Titans and even former Bronco Robert Spillane in the lineup for the Titans.

Corey Davis didn't play and neither did Clay Mathews and former MSU lineman Jack Conklin was out as well.

We had great seats and a great view of the field for the entire game.   A great atmosphere for football and I can see why it has the history that it has had.

Food it is what you want for a football game I ended up having mac &cheese with brats sprinkled on top and my wife enjoyed a Ham, bacon cheese sandwich. The highlight was the bacon crusted cheese curds.

The final score was 31-17 Packers.  It was preseason but I'm glad that we got to experience a game at the legendary Lambeau Field.  Even though we are not Packers fans it was an experience that I'm glad we got to have.

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