Lewis Black has been a comedic icon for nearly 40 years now, and has made numerous appearances on TV shows, in movies, and on stages across the globe. His "get off my lawn" style and delivery can be matched by no other comedian, and soon, you won't be bale to hear it on the road any longer.

Black is scheduled to perform Friday, Nov. 10th at the Kalamazoo State Theatre, and it could be his last time EVER in Kalamazoo, as he announced his retirement from the road and touring.

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Black spoke with The Rocker Morning Show on 107.7 WRKR in Kalamazoo ahead of his show, and confirmed that while he isn't retiring entirely, he is going to finish up 2024, and stop touring.

"I'm retiring from the road, but I'll continue to do stuff. I'm not 'Retiring' retiring."

Black said even though he's made the announcement already on several other programs, he thinks people still won't believe him.

"What's unbelievable is, people don't hear you when you tell them you're retiring, like 'Oh, you're gonna come back.' NO, I'm not the Rolling Stones... I'm not. I'm done, and I'm gonna do some things from time to time, some pop-up things maybe, but I wanna write, I can't be doin' 120 shows a year. But it's been a lot of fun."

Black has intentions of announcing a final tour through the end of 2024, with at least one big event near election time in 2024 as he has done in past years for presidential elections, then, from there, he plans to write more for another book, and possibly another play.

Black has played Kalamazoo several times before, his last appearance nearly 7 years ago, and his (likely) final show at the Kalamazoo State Theatre is Friday, Nov. 10th, and tickets can still be found at their website, and on Black's website.

You can also hear his full interview with Meatball and Mark Frankhouse on the Rocker Morning Show Podcast.

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