More versatile than neon, LED lights allow car enthusiasts' creativity to express some brilliant ideas.

Just like classic rock, some people will argue what exactly a classic car is. While Classic Car Club of America designates "...fine or unusual motor cars which were built between and including the years 1915 to 1948," the State of Michigan says your vehicle has to be 26+ years old to get a historical plate and your insurance company may have a different idea altogether. In the same vein, some car guys put stock in stock parts and accessories to make it look like the day the car rolled off the assembly line in Detroit and others accessorize everything and let their imaginations run wild.

Creativity is the spark for the LED lighting craze that has taken car shows to the next level. Custom light are nothing new, as neon was the "in" thing to have for a while. Versatile LED strips have now replaced the brittle tubes for several reasons:

Back in the day, neon lights were the straight tube and they were very rigid. If you hit a bump the wrong way, you could break them. LED's are more can bend them, you can twist them- do whatever you want with them. The sky's the limit when it comes to LEDs.

-Marc Davis, LowKey Shop

These new LED lights can change colors, scroll, pulse and even move to the music. Be careful though, once you get started, Marc says

It's a never-ending project. There's always something else you want to do next year because, you see something at a different show that you've got to keep up.

Check out what we saw during a Kalamazoo light show on Labor Day weekend.


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