The village of White Pigeon, Michigan is... small. VERY small. Right around 6,000 people. You've got Central Elementary School, White Pigeon Junior(SLASH)Senior High School, a post office, ONE bar, a McDonald's, and a couple of other local spots.

In fact, the village is so small, (how small is it?) the actual Township offices aren't even in the city limits. So why... WHY would someone think the best vehicle to steal from the town is the most obvious of all cars... a Lime Green Camaro?

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I grew up in small towns, where everyone and their dog knew who drove what vehicle. There could be twelve Ford F-150s in town, all with the same paint job. Yet, we could STILL tell whose pickup was in the parking lot of the bar based on which hunting rifles were in the back window, or how the mirror was tilted.

So in a village smaller than even MY hometown, you figure a Lime Green Camaro is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

And it did for one person, who decided they wanted it more than the owner.

Per MLive...

"State Police are investigating the larceny of a lime green Chevy Camaro in White Pigeon

They said a man used a fraudulent cashier's check on Oct. 2nd to purchase the 2020 Camaro from a  person in the 16000 block of Fawn River ROad in White Pigeon Township."

By the way, another way to tell you're in a tiny town... you have addresses in the 16,000 block of a road, meaning it's a road that continued on from another town.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately. And that information is, you see a LIME GREEN CAMARO FROM MICHIGAN!!!

This was only recently reported, likely due to the cashier's check taking time to confirm its non-validity. Chances are, the person who took the car is long gone. But at the same time... IT'S A LIME GREEN CAMARO!?!?!?! Shouldn't be hard to find it.

In their luck, someone from White Pigeon would be coming into Detroit for a Lions game and see a Lime Green Camaro, and RECOGNIZE it as "John's" Camaro that got stolen.

That's the power of small-town nosiness, people.

Here's to hoping they do find the guy who stole the car, because that sucks, especially for such a nice vehicle. If you do happen to see this Lime Green car out and about, contact the State Police in Marshall at 269-558-0500.

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