The Lions are planning to get rid of their last great player.  Because...they're the Lions.

Matthew Stafford, the fastest quarterback to reach 40,000 passing yards in the NFL may not be wearing blue and silver in 2020 according to,

Sources close to the Detroit Lions have confirmed to Local 4′s Bernie Smilovitz that trade talks concerning quarterback Matthew Stafford have been underway for a couple of weeks.

Stafford has the most wins of any Detroit Lions Quarterback with 69.  That's way more than the #2 QB Bobby Layne.

Many of us die hard Lions fans thought Detroit was punking us when they traded Golden Tate to the Eagles in middle of the 2018 season.  "We still have Matthew Stafford," we thought to ourselves.

Stafford trade rumors are nothing new.  This rumor really heated up in December of 2018.

I think the Lions' GM is ignoring the real problem here.  Under coach Jim Caldwell (4 seasons) Detroit finished with an average of a 9-7 record with two playoff appearances.  Under coach Matt Patricia 2018: 6-10, 2019: 3-12-1 and 0 playoff games.

Yesterday morning the QB's wife posted that she would be interested in California if her husband is being traded.  Those instagram posts are no longer visible.

...And we wonder why Lions fan create GoFundMe pages to help get the our team to the Superbowl?


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