Everybody has that "go to" grocery store they like. The real quick in and out one after work. The grocery store with the unique products you need to make that special dish. The store you need when you are out of everything and even the store that's just filled with guilty pleasures.

Below is a list I've compiled that hopefully you'll find meets that criteria. Each store has it's own unique blend and personality depending on your needs. See if you agree as we stroll the aisles of Kalamazoo's favorite "go to" stores.

Midtown Fresh on Westnedge Ave: Love all the healthy options this store offers. A ton of options for beer and wine. Deli options looked great and bread products are abundant too. Service is always grade A!

Trader Joe's on Century Ave: This is a full service store with meat, dairy and high quality groceries you won't find at other stores. The selection of organic and authentic products is second to none. The staff here are sooooo friendly.

Fresh Thyme on Westnedge Ave: The store rocks with a bulk-fill section where you can package up your own nuts, coffee, candy spices, peanut butter, granola and lot of other stuff. They also have an awesome meat counter with tons of options. Good bread too.

Aldi on Gull Rd: Aldi is certainly cheap as dirt, but its always the same stuff every time you go.

Meijer on W. Main St: Meijer is your go to when you have time...a lot of time. The store is packed with name brand groceries, apparel and even electronics. With this much product and space, Meijer is going to require some time. For a shorter experience try the curbside pick-up or delivery.

D&W Fresh Market on Parkview Ave:  Probably the best produce I've encountered in some time. They are always well stocked and the Starbucks, sushi counter, and salad bar help this store really rock!

What's your "go to" grocery store - have a favorite?

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