When it comes to potato chips, I'm either a kettle-cooked guy, or just the straight forward, flat and warped chip kind of person. Nothing too spectacular, other than maybe a little extra crunch and texture on the kettle-cooked chips.

But once in a while a good Ruffle, or wavy chip finds its way onto my plate, or into my sandwich, and depending on the brand, it's pretty easy to tell what's what. But what Meijer has now done with their chips is an abomination, and might just be them trying to bait and switch us.

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You see the photo below, right? One of these bags of Meijer Original potato chips has "Wavy" clearly printed on it, while the other has "Ripple" on the bag. Both are about the same size, and the only discernable difference between the two SEEMS to be the color of the bag, and "Wavy" and "Ripple."

Meijer Chips

So... IS there a difference? 

If you look close at the chips on the bag, they look nearly identical, and after buying a few bags myself to test the theory, I also found that the difference between the chips in each bag is negligible.

What you see on the bag, is what you get. So, WHAT is the actual difference? Is there a difference?

Is Meijer just playing some kind of mental game with us, using us as guinea pigs to see what we prefer to "read on the bag" and buy more of? Do the people of Michigan prefer the adjective of "Wavy" or "Ripple" when it comes to their original chips?

And if there is a difference (which there isn't), WHAT IS IT?

I still have some extensive research to do to come to a definitive conclusion on this subject, and I promise you I will not REST until I figure out what Meijer is up to.

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