Normally dinosaurs aren't the first thing that comes to mind when anyone asks you about what kind of decorations you're gonna use for Christmas, but Thomas and Jackie McBride are doing something truly unique with their yard. On display 24/7 at 18115 Middlebelt Rd in Livonia, the family may have just started a new trend, although they are known as the Dinosaur House around the neighborhood, as they've also done this during Halloween. Their new Brontosaurus goes well with the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and many Tyrannosaurus Rex blow-ups, as Thomas said what the inspiration was behind the idea to decorate with dinos:

The story is, the first Christmas after we moved into our new house on Middlebelt six years ago we found our first inflatable dinosaur at Home Depot, the brontosaurus. Being huge dinosaur lovers we knew we had to get it. But we didn’t want it to be alone so we also picked up the stegosaurus and the first T-Rex, and that started it all. Over the following years, we’ve been adding to our collection including the blue triceratops we had to get from Canada and all the babies dinosaurs to fill out the families.

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Because of the unique decorations, Thomas said the community has even reached out to them and were the ones giving the home its nickname:

The Livonia community’s support has been so great over the years, we’ve even received letters addressed to “The Dinosaur House.”We knew we had to top ourselves this year, so we got a fifteen-foot-tall brachiosaurus!

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