You can look at this as simply the story of looking for the owner of a lost University of Michigan class ring, found by someone diving in Mexico.
But you can also look at the big picture and see how the power of the internet can be channeled on occasion for good and to triumph over the powers of evil.

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As a mystery, this isn't all that complicated to solve. The ring found by a man diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in the Caribbean isn't all that out of the ordinary, and the first few suggestions by people reading the post were pretty much the solution. While the name "Gary Franklin" isn't uncommon, a quick call to the alumni office in Ann Arbor would at least get the search going, and then the person posting the found ring left off a couple of details to keep potential scammers at bay.

Reading the comments, it appears the ring is likely soon to be reunited with its owner. "a friend here...already looked in UM database and we have a potential match, same middle initial. We’ll see!"

And then someone else added "Having someone find my class ring after 47 years was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who are trying to reunite this ring with its owner."

But it's stories (and posts) like this that show how the internet for all its failings can actually be a force for good. No one brought their own axes to grind, and it appears a happy ending is coming.

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