It was 28 years ago last month that the McKellys came to Kalamazoo and it will be 30 years in October that The Rocker burst onto the S.W. Michigan scene.  So much has happened in our personal and professional lives during that time and with the 30th coming up I thought I'd try and find some things to throw out on 'Throwback Thursdays'.

One of the things S.W. Michiganders all have in common is S. Westnedge Ave.  In fact, I recently did a blog on it's 10 commandments which you can check out below.  About 10 years ago or so, my long time friend and one time co-host Warren Kluck and I decided to produce a rap video based on not being able to take a left onto S. Westnedge.  And because of my love for rap........This my be one of my proudest moments or one of my most embarrassing.  Please enjoy 'Can't Make A Leff'

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