Throwing out the first pitch to a baseball game is a special moment for those who can say they've taken part in the tradition, but the first pitch on June 11th's Detroit Tigers game was especially sweet for the 92-year-old woman from Ohio who took part in it.

Louise McVicker and most of her family are fans of the Detroit Tigers and after throwing out the first pitch at Comerica Park on Sunday she completed a feat very few people can claim. This season, Comerica Park became the 30th ballpark she's visited this season. That's right, she visited EVERY MLB ballpark this year, ending her run in Detroit.

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The Past Returns

The journey of visiting 30 ballparks in a single season is something Mitch says was a dream that his grandfather had and was unable to fulfill before his passing twenty-one years ago.

The fact that they both made the journey to Detroit for the 30th and final ballpark wasn't just coincidence, as she has connections to the current manager of the visiting team Arizona Diamondbacks, according to her grandson Mitch:

The ending to this journey gets even richer because Torey Lovullo who my grandparents hosted in the late 80s while he played for the Toledo Mud Hens will be in the opposite dugout on Sunday because he is the current manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks. So not only will Grandma have the memorable opportunity of throwing out the first pitch for the team that most of our family roots for, but she will also get to reconnect again with a player she once hosted who is excelling at the highest level in MLB management.

Congratulations to Louise for crushing out a bucket list of attending EVERY ballpark this year. Someone get this lady a dog & a beer.

92 Year Old Ohio Woman Visits Every MLB Ball Park In One Season, Ending In Detroit

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