Oh, delicious, delicious Boba Tea.

If you're unfamiliar with this very popular drink, Boba Tea (also called bubble tea and pearl milk tea) is a creamy, caffeinated drink that consists of black tea, milk, and tapioca pearls.

It's a drink that is incredibly popular in Taiwan which is now known as the Boba capitol of the world. Read more here.

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If you're obsessed with boba tea or have yet to try it and are now craving it, good news! There are at least 5 places in the Kalamazoo area that are serving up this sweet, delicious drink:

1. MI Boba 

MI Boba serves their boba tea made to order. Newer to Kalamazoo, they offer about 20 different flavors of boba tea along with a variety of different topping options. In addition to boba tea, MI Boba serves macaroons, mochi, and bubble waffles. See their full menu here or follow them on Facebook.

2. Chocolatea 

A sister store to the above-mentioned MI Boba, Chocolatea has been serving the Kalamazoo area since 2008. They offer chocolates, sandwiches, pies and cakes, and, of course, boba tea. They often feature specials and partner with other, local bakeries to feature their products in their store. Follow their Facebook for any deals or specials and see their full menu on their website.

3. Kung Fu Tea 

Kung Fu Tea is America's largest bubble tea brand, according to their website. They recently opened in the Kalamazoo area and offer SO many different kinds of tea including vegan and caffeine-free options. Along with their boba teas, they offer season specials too. See their full menu here or follow them on Facebook.

4. Maui Poke 

Maui Poke is Kalamazoo's first dedicated poke restaurant, according to their website. They offer about 10 different boba tea flavors along with smoothies and a large variety of poke bowls. You can find them on Facebook or see their full menu here.

5. Rollup Ice Cream and Tea 

Is Rollup Ice Cream and Tea most well known for their scrumptious ice cream creations like the one pictured above? Yes. However, they also offer bubble teas. You can find a number of different flavors like marshmallow mashup, peach passion, and more on their signature menu. They have locations in both Portage and Kalamazoo. Follow them on Facebook or see their full menu on their website.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for that boba/bubble tea fix in the Kalamazoo area.

Want to make your own boba tea at home? It's possible. Check out this tutorial:

Personally, I'm leaving it to the experts.

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